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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 15, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's june 15th, time for fresh viral videos "right this minute." outside a cafe, a woman in labor. >> suddenly her baby decided to come. >> the story behind the street side birth that left bystanders in charge of the special delivery. >> when somebody is in trouble, do something. this beautiful balloon ride was off to a good start, but then it got way cooler. how the time in the sky became the ultimate triple threat. a kung fu master decides to put a few hooks. >> in the eyes, underneath there. >> why something he does next is something you won't see coming. >> come on, brother. >> we have christian, oli, charity, breaking down the best on the web like the little girl
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who is confused about baby sister's feeding time. >> a phenomenon for her. >> see the priceless moment as mom tries to fill her in. >> when will she talk to me again. you're camped outside of this cafe in mexico. wait until you see why. this cafe happens to be right next door to a hospital, a hospital this woman would not be admitted to. she knew she was in labor. she showed up. they wouldn't check her in, even though she was already clearly in labor, so she decided to wait when suddenly her baby decided to come. those women there aren't nurses in scruggs. they are literally good samaritans who saw what was going and decided to help. >> how can you explain to me how a hospital can turn away a woman in labor. >> there was no word on the reason but they just weren't
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admitting her yet. as this woman is laying there, other women take her baby and hold it in place after it is born. you also see some of the fluid around her body on the ground while people try to figure out what the heck to do. eventually some of the hospital workers showed up with a wheelchair. they are like, no, dude, you need to come back with a stretcher because the wheelchair won't help. >> that is so negligent in my opinion. the baby is okay, right? >> both mother and baby are expected to be fine. you see the moment they bring the stretcher, load her up, and take her away. before that, this woman was there crying. the people around her are just as upset as all of us wondering what the heck is going on. i will tell you that two people have been dismissed from their positions at the hospital for negligence. the authorities believe this
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woman should have been given much better care than left to deliver her baby out on the street. >> at least basic action. when i first watched this video, i thought, okay, this looks like it's doing to be kind of cool. but then it got way cooler. i should have known when i saw those red bull logos flash buy at the end. we see a hot air balloon filling up and launching. just below you notice there's a hang glider hanging from the hot air balloon. cool. that's one way to launch a hang glider. >> you save your self the trouble of climbing up a mountain carrying your equipment. >> that's what i was positioning too. the pilot and copilot, wolfgang, has a passenger, paul steiner. once they get up to altitude, you'll see paul get in position.
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yeehaw, it's like a hang glider rodeo. >> wait. paul has oppose a parachute. is he also going to do a stunt. >> yeah. paul gets in position himself. a little fist bump to wolfgang and says adios, my friend, boom. >> i thought that was just super cool. paul does a short skydive, deploys his parachute, lands safely. it ain't over. these guys are so skilled. watch this. can i get a high-five. >> no way. >> hang gliding. >> they say this has never been done before either. i'm willing to believe him because in all the years we've done this show i've never seen anything close to that. the guy in the organ pit got a call saying there was an
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abandoned dog that needed some help. this story does take place in athens greece. as they purchase, the dog is tied to the bench. once they approach there's a note there that they believe the owner left. it says, i can't take care of her, she's very nice, i'm sorry. >> no. someone just tied up the dog and abandoned it. how do you know someone will come by before they need food and water. >> you don't. apologizing. maybe give them the benefit of the doubt they were facing some really crummy stuff. >> the folks believe this was a targeted abandonment because there's a nearby rescue facility run by second chance animal society. >> the good thing is the dog was found, these people came. now it's going to be rescued and given food, water, shelter, a bath. >> a haircut in order or a good prurk. >> they do all those things, take her back to the shelter, gave her tlc.
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they say she got bigger, stronger, healthier by the day. there she is nice and healthy. they named her brandy. >> that is a good looking dog. >> greece is a no kill country. so many dogs need rescuing. alet become street dogs and then poisoned. they are happy they were able to get to brandy. she's looking for a forever home. >> she's come into her coat. she's got a nice mane there. somebody needs to take her in. >> i'm sure they will. >> let me translate for you. he's say, hey, everybody, i am a kung fu master. what i'm going to do is put three cooks in my eyes connected to two chains connected to a cart and i'm going to pull it with my eyes. >> if i live, i live. >> not his eyeball. >> not his eyeball but eye
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sockets. i don't know what he's trying to prove here. he puts one in one eye and two in the other. >> he's using his eye sockets as anchors. >> you see the chain is connected to that cart with three adults on it. now he's going to pull it. >> dang, man. >> come on, brother. >> ain't got to do all that. >> i got dust in my eye and i'm like, help, help, help, nush it out. >> eye lash, eye lash, eye lash. >> he's kind of holding the chain a little bit, let's it go, leans back, so you know there's pressure on his body and eye sockets and skull. >> he pulled have just over 16 feet. >> where are you doing? a motorcycle stunt ends in a bad crash. >> lost that pbad boy. >> find out how badly the rider is injured and the damage to his
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bike. >> it's bad, really, really bad. >> plus this elderly woman needs help with her physical therapy. >> she doesn't have anybody around to her neighbor is going to have to do. >> see the cute relationship between these two neighbors. >> my dear friend, god bless you, honey. >> need help with something? >> yeah, i do. >> brought to you by target, get every day low prices on every day essentials.
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desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine patch. life is all about balance, that delicate position of too much, not enough. popping wheelies with your boys. he's french. he's cruising along on this wheel wheelie. you can see the road is nice and board straight. nothing is going to jump out in front of him. >> he has a bike he's doing this on, very capable bike. >> you mean had. >> he lost that bad boy. >> he goes down, jumps up immediately thumbs-up. look how close that bike gets to his buddy who just at that second decided to pass on the left in slow motion. it almost looks like that rear wheel hit his buddy.
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he goes tumbling. let's assess the damage. it's bad. damage to him, thankfully, is next to zero. i think he had a scrape on his hand because he was head to toe in all the right gear. down to brisbane, australia. dash-cam owners posted this one, the rider. this is a dangerous situation for riders that stop and go, stop and go. starts to move along a little bit. the rider gets up to speed when the traffic slows again. yeah. rear-ended. this is why many riders advocate for lane splitting meaning they are able to filter through the traffic because this happens so frequently. fortunately for this guy, he was not injured. the bike a total rideoff. >> uh-oh. >> dude, over your shoulder.
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>> how would the two of you like to try the world's most insane hot chocolate. >> i like chocolate. >> good. this one is about 20 gallons. >> world's biggest hot chocolate. >> making it, they hit the store and get all the ingredients. you've got marshmallows, chocolate, sugar, and whipped cream. as usual, use this big trash bin. >> i wonder if the city health inspector is going to check it. >> they clean it out first. >> good. i wonder, do they still use this for trash. >> let's not think about that. let's just focus on the chocolate. start with the chocolate mix. >> stop right there, just a big bucket of cadbury. >> you got your sugar. start to add the water. fill it up to the top and start to add the whipped cream. and the marshmallows.
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>> okay. what do you do with that? >> you drink it. hello. maybe christmas time you stand up in front of the house with some big gallons of it and offer people hot cocoa. this is summer. >> they all try it and seem to love it. what else do you think they are doing to do? >> swim in it. >> of course. they both hop in. >> milk bath is good for you. a hot chocolate bath, i don't know. >> i feel complete. >> you wanted it, you got it. >> okay. >> the world loves hot chocolate. >> i like chocolate. >> okay. there you go. >> when marianne says come over, you come over. >> my dear friend, god bless you, honey. >> that mary is a sweetie pie. she's in albany, new york. she has this physical therapy
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she needs to do and she needs a little help. she called her neighbor who came over and decided to snapchat the whole exchange. i have to say it's just adorable. >> forward, backwards, down, up. see, i'm very round shouldered. >> cutie pie. the best part she needs a little motivating music. sometimes the music gets you pumped up. so he plays a little metal for her. >> go, barry, go. >> he opponents out that she's got two spotters now. her statue of jesus there. >> those are hard sometimes. >> not hard when you've got the right music. they are playing, i have -- eye of the tiger by survivor. >> go mary, go mary. >> she does it again that one last time. in fact, she goes way back. she's doing good. >> sylvester stallone needs to
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spot her next time. she's doing it? "eye of the tiger" so sylvester you've got some moves, help her. >> get behind me satan, i belong to jesus. >> you tell them, mary. >> props to her neighbor for winning her over and helping her out. >> i think mary helped him out with this snapchat view. >> true. on the hunt for an extremely rare creature. >> what the heck is doigoing to happen this time. >> next "right this minute." still to come, it's time to feed her little friends. >> this is a real life cinderella. >> the story behind the woman who might just be the bird whisperer. >> oh, my gosh. look at that. >> plus she's the girl who is always spooked. >> she has a conniption. >> see how they get her over and
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>> promotional considerations provided by -- fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. allergytry new xyzal®.ou have symptoms like these for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. she discovered a nest falling out of the tree and there were newborns inside. she took them in and started feeding them. she nursed them for four months. >> oh, my goodness. this is a real life cinderella. >> it probably made "her" pink shirt. >> oh, my gosh. sitting on her eye glass.
2:51 pm
>> this happened last year but she shared the video. it's gotten millions and millions of hits. she kept them under that net then took the lid off and encouraged them to fly around. she would open the window and they would fly out and come back, then they started not coming back. she knows they need to be in the wild but she knows how nice it was raising them. >> how wonderful she had that experience. >> that woman not the only one taking in. arg argon, these people go out to shoot abandoned animals. found kittens in the box so adopted them. >> i love they match the color of the box, too. >> i noticed that as well. >> almost like it was packaged perfectly. >> argon adopted, looking for forever home. in greece it's not uncommon to
2:52 pm
find kittens abandoned in boxes like that. the charity took them in. one month alone they took in 25 kittens. i think it's great this male dog is fostering the kittens. >> now, this is one of those videos you all love and the victim hates. this is full of her reaction. when you have a wonderful, freaky reaction like this girl does, you're going to be the victim. >> she has a conniption. >> whoa. you scare very easily. i can put together a compilation of your freakouts very, very easily. >> these people are getting a good reaction out of this poor girl every turn, every time she's walking up the stairs, down the stairs, through a door, down the hallway, looks like even in school, in her car.
2:53 pm
>> i wonder if she goes haunted house, horror houses. >> no. >> keep them coming. these are good. got to kill some time in the car so -- >> how about we sing a, b, c. >> but see how harper's rendition gets remixed. >> hi -- trying to
2:54 pm
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get shots of autos. chasing along a lamborghini. all of it is spectacular. >> don't interrupt the sunbathing. come on. come on. come on. come on. come on. >> sisters, two-year-old ava adjusting because her mom,
2:56 pm
allie, just kbaf birth to her sister hannah. >> you have to be careful. >> trying to feed hannah. a new phenomenon nfor hannah. >> she's not biting. she's eating. >> that's what that is. >> i love this little girl sitting there like, okay, cool. that's how it works. >> she's not quite sure how it works, though. mom continues to explain. >> she's getting milk. >> she's like is that what that is? >> whoa, whoa. the same stuff i put in my cereal in the morning. >> it comes from a gallon. >> that's her line of thinking as well. >> when will she talk to me. >> so cute. >> at this point mom is cracking up. >> i got chocolate milk.
2:57 pm
>> a little bit later she got her chocolate milk. chocolate milk. >> yeah, you do, honey. >> in her car seat, the line at starbucks. mom was trying to get her attention. >> can you sing me the a, b, cs please. ♪ a, b, c, d -- ♪ e, f, p ♪ h, i -- >> i heard it. >> like a diamond in the sky, kind of goes together. >> this one is way more interesting. ♪ a, b, c, d, h, i -- ♪ diamond in the sky. >> that's it for this show. the show continues at check it
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ugh! too frou-frou. [ scoffs ] boring. [ laughs ] that is so victoria gotti. and that is a definite possibility there. have you set a date yet? i don't, uh, suppose i can expect an invitation. ♪ colors black and white ♪ how did you get out of jail? well, there's no need to call security. uh, i'm out on bail. you're free? for now. until my trial starts, yeah. ah. well, i-i-i guess i would've thought that -- that you would be over at the h-hospital visiting your sister. how is ava doing, by the way? [ sighs ] i was, uh, just there, actually. she's, uh, fighting. and winning.


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